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Expat in NL

Answers for expats in The Netherlands: Income Tax explained, best health insurance, pension calculator and best banking options review. With expat tips and tricks.

Why this page?

I created this site to help you solve the typical questions when being an expat in the Netherlands. Items like health insurance, taxes, pension and banking. I still have to dump other related topics like paperwork or public transportation. I also want to point some differences between EU and non-EU citizens.

All the points I cover in this page are points that I had to address, questions that I had when I moved in. I hope you find them helpful and you can also find answers to your questions.

But there are other pages already out there…

Consider this page as a short guide. While there are out there other (massive) webpages, the aim of this one is to keep things short and simple. I try to cover the fundamental points so you don’t have to face the ‘exploding tabs’ effect like in wikipedia (you enter to search one term and you end up having 10 tabs open and reading about a topic completely unrelated to your original question). Also I try to link the official sources, so you don’t have to dig into their webpages search.

About the content:

Feel free to navigate in the menus above, to select the part where you want to have information. It is still a page in development.

If you think there is some content that I should include, use the contact form. I will be happy to try to add that content to the page. Bear in mind however that this is just a hobby, so I cannot find as much time for it as I would like.

The (mandatory) disclaimer:

Obviously, I have to add a disclaimer, even more due to the site topics. Regardless how much I try to provide accurate information, I am not a lawyer, nor a financial advisor, and I cannot serve as one. In case of doubts or trouble contact a professional.

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